About us

MonkeyBoard designs rapid development platforms complete with examples and demonstrations. Intended for hobbyists, students, engineers and inventors to develop their ideas, to learn and have fun. All hardware and software are open source. Users are free to modify and claim as their own. MonkeyBoard aim to give free advice and address any questions and issue users has regarding the product. Thus enhancing the learning experience for everyone involve.

Although chip manufacturers’ development boards and example software are available in the market, their hardware is often expensive, overly complicated, designed only to work on test bench and unsuitable to be used in real life applications without a redesign. MonkeyBoard recognise this need and produce development boards that are easy to use, affordable and demonstrate real life applications as examples. With minimum development it is ready to be deployed in the field right out of the box.

Oh! Just to let you know, unless stated otherwise, all initial batch of development board is designed and handmade in Australia, yes, each part is pick and place by hand.  When a product demand increased, boards will be made by real production machineries in quantity with more precision in various countries that are able to meet our requirements.