About Us

It’s been more than 15 years since we first started designing and producing electronic hardware and software products for others. With the experience gained during this period, we are now starting to make our products.

MonkeyBoard is our online electronic shop to sell our products. We are based in Sydney Australia. Without having to bear the high cost of a retail shopfront, we are able and committed to providing our customers with quality, range and value for money electronics kits and boards. We have a passion for electronics and are proud of the products we make and bring to our customers.

MonkeyBoard branded boards are our brand and all initial batch of development board is designed and handmade in Australia, yes, before we have our workshop, each SMD part is picked and placed by hand. Now, boards are being made by real production machinery in quantity with more precision locally in Australia.

We also carry other brands like Iteadstudio, LX Solutions, Arduino and more.

Other than selling standard electronics board, we help customers design customised products from design to final mass production. Our customers are Little Bird Electronics, Ninja Blocks, Snepo, Havas Australia and many more.

MonkeyBoard.org and SixthLogic.com.au online shop is owned by Sixth Logic (ABN: 52 157 727 017)