Keystone DAB DAB+ FM T4B-6D60CDB Module (5 in a pack)

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  • Manufactured by: Keystone


The T4B-6D60CDB module is a new generation of DAB/DAB+/DAB-Radio/FM radio modules designed to enable dual or tri-band DAB/DAB+/FM receivers.

Please take note, these modules that we are distributing work with UART 115200 8N1, no I2C and no SPI.

The T4B-6D60CDB module is a new generation of DAB/DAB+/FM radio modules designed to enable dual or tri-band DAB/DAB+/FM receivers of various types to be produced at lower cost. T4B-6D60CDB operates in UART slave mode and accepts commands from an external microcontroller. Features include DAB, DAB+, FM, color slide show and RDS.

T4B-6D60CDB includes all the interfaces necessary so that manufacturers need only add power supply, display, keypad, audio amplifier and speakers to provide a fully functional DAB/DAB+/DAB-Radio /FM radio.


The T4B module is Keystone's latest DAB+/FM receiver module with the following features:

  • ETSI EN 300 401 compliant receiver
  • DAB/DAB+ sensitivity to -99dBm (typical)
  • FM sensitivity to -106dBm (typical)
  • DAB Color Slide show support (Data service option)
  • Decodes audio services up to 384kbps without external RAM
  • FM with RDS/RBDS decoder (*** RDS reception only available for station name, station text and genre and is subjected to certain condition of power level and frequency deviation)
  • Combined antenna input for FM / Band3
  • UART Serial control interface
  • Integrated stereo audio DAC
  • Digital audio output – I2S
  • Real time clock accurate 50ppm
  • Configurable general purpose I/O
  • Ultra low-power

Demo Software

Watch Demo on Youtube.

New SlideShow Feature

DAB Radio SlideShow

DAB Radio SlideShow weather

Board will display SlideShow transmitted from the radio stations.  SlideShow including weather, news, album cover, race odds, etc.


  • Portable radio
  • Clock radio
  • Kitchen radio
  • Boombox
  • Hi-Fi radio
  • Digital frame
  • Car-radio
  • Mini-CD system
  • DVD player
  • Multimedia System
  • iPhone/iPod Docking System
  • Personal Navigation Device